Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Episode 82: G.O.A.T. And Your ZimmerLopez

On this week's extra-length episode, the gang comes together to discuss their beginnings, hot-button political issues of the day, and in our featured segment, watch a few disturbing YouTube videos and give their reactions. Listen in horror as they view botfly births, Shaye St. John, and a few other.. things. Also: Josh has a run-in with a pint-sized transgressor.

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--Show Notes--

Here are the links to the videos watched on this episode. Be forwarned: they were shortened greatly in the episode (well, all but the G.O.A.T. video), so you may need to take some time to... prepare yourself.

Fantastic Hey Hey Hey

Birth of A Botfly: A Curious Adventure With "Doctor Bugs"



G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. Quack like a duck


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